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Evil has returned to the land! The malevolent Yaoguai, a demon of great power, has escaped its celestial prison. Returned to the world, it sets its sights on its true enemy: Sun Wukong, the immortal Monkey King.

As the Yaoguai makes its way down the mountain, Xuanzang spurs his disciple to action: he must set a trap for the fiend and seal it back within its prison, for if the beast can manage to defeat and consume the Monkey King, it will steal immortality for itself. The Monkey King gathers the fiercest monks and heroes and awaits the demon at the foot of the mountain. He installs seers of great power to seek the beast, and surrounds the camp with guardians to protect both him and his master. As Xuanzang prays to the goddess Guanyin for guidance and blesses powerful talismans with the mantra to bind the creature back to its mountain, the Monkey King’s generals sit and wait in anticipation of the coming conflict.

But, the Yaoguai brings a corruption that runs deep. It whispers dark, honey-sweet words of glory and promised enlightenment to those in the Monkey King’s camp, threatening to turn many who reside there into traitors. In its wake follows the shapeshifting Mo Shadow, seeking the flesh of Xuanzang to achieve its own sinister purpose. Fox spirits emerge to dart about, bringing their assistance to those they choose. And deep beneath the waters of a nearby lake, unbeknownst to all, a fish begins to quiver and sprout feathers, and should this Peng burst forth, it will force an end to any fighting with its brilliance.

You are the Monkey King’s generals. Will you find and seal away the Yaoguai, or turn the power of the Talisman on the Monkey King himself? Will you weed out the traitors in the camp, or will you be the traitor, sending your men to capture their allies and make way for the demon? The deeds of this day shall be forever recorded in the chronicle and you shall live within its pages, in honor or in infamy. The choices are yours.

Yaoguai (Art by Alex Lake, Vidar Dynamic)

Status: Game Complete with Art, Seeking Publisher

Yaoguai Sell Sheet

Goblin Garage Sale

It’s tough being a goblin. As if the Grignak Spiders and Klastraa Birds weren’t enough to worry about, there’s always the constant threat of being blown up by your neighbors. It’s not that goblins are malicious, they are just too curious for their own good. This curiosity, mixed with their innate tendency to hoard just about anything they can get their hands on, has led to a boom in the storage industry. Turnover is often high, and when a garage’s rent hasn’t been paid for a few months, it is common practice to sell its contents in auction.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Gobo Storing Places Inc. to hold public auction of garages* in default. All are welcome!

*Gobo Storing Places Inc. is not responsible for the contents of garages.

Wishing LampGrignak Spider
(Art by Alex Lake, Vidar Dynamic)

Status: Game Complete, Art in Progress, Seeking Publisher

Goblin Garage Sale Sell Sheet

Mech Mech GO! (working title)

The Cerberus AI has gone rogue. It has taken a company of mech-suits and holed up in our production facility. Delta Squad is released for action. Secure the site and eliminate any resistance.

Mech Mech GO is being designed to provide an engaging mech battle experience with minimal rules. Each individual mission lasts an hour or less, but can be strung together to provide a campaign experience. Using our new Hardpoint system, where a system’s effects and health are both tracked by the same deck of cards, Mech Mech GO provides streamlined customization options that keep things simple yet compelling.

Status: Mid-development