Editing, Writing and Development

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There are many parts to a game. You want a compelling theme, an effective rulebook, beautiful components…the list goes on.

I’m happy to support your design process.



Do you already have a rulebook? Do you have your components written out? I not only proofread all your material, but check for consistency as well. Games can have a lot of parts and often times the rules and pieces are created at different points in the development process. I check to make sure the same terminology is present throughout and that everything is worded in the clearest possible manner. I check to make sure your diagrams are consistent with the rules. If it’s in there…I check it.

Rate: Between $20 and $24 per hour, depending on the scope of work.


Is your game already built, but needs some content? I can help you flesh out the details! Need a compelling history for your space adventure? Roger that. Want backstories for your epic heroes? Huzzah! Or maybe you just need someone to take on the daunting task of compiling all the rules and mechanics into print? Well, I can do that too. 🙂

Rate: $25 per hour


Do you have a really neat idea for a game, but are not sure what the next steps are? Do you not have time to do all the iterating and playtesting that is inherent the design and development cycle? Or do you just want an expert opinion? I’ve recently begun taking on designs that are not my own and helping to develop them into functioning games! Design, playtesting, component creation, rulebook writing, editing…I will help you all along the way. I can even do social media and community outreach if you like.

Rate: $25 per hour


If you are interested in discussing a project, rates, or just have a general question, don’t hesitate to email me at: GreyDolphinGames@gmail.com!

Game On!

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