Geeky Crochets for Gamers

By Eric Engstrom

Hey to all you gamer gals (and guys) out there.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had your hook(s) for a while now, learned the basics, gotten over-excited and promptly purchased a drawer-full of yarn. Yarn that is probably still awaiting use…because now what? How many doilies (a.k.a. coasters), socks and pieces of fruit can one make?

Well, for us gamers (and those who date them), there’s a whole slew of projects out there to help bring out the inner geek! So check out these cool patterns, most of which are free or inexpensive!

Pokémon Go!

We’ve all walked the walk, haven’t we? Any Pokémon trainer knows you shouldn’t go anywhere without a good supply of trusty Pokéballs.
AradiyaToys provides this free pattern at Love Crochet. While you’re there, check out her other adorable pop culture patterns.

And, of course, you’ll need a friend along for the journey:
Find Squirtle (as well as other cute Pokémon patterns) here at WolfDreamer’s site.


“Hey! It’s-a….” bunch of fun little Mario-themed patterns? Sure is!
mario mushrooms                            bullet bill

Find this mushroom pattern (and some others) by Malon Bruce on ravelry, and Bullet Bill (or whatever you want to name him/her) on LoveCrochet by Flying Dutchman Crochet Design.


Who’s the original adorable, pink fluffball who can fly and eat an infinite amount of cake and fruit? My personal favorite character, of course! You can find these three awesome patterns at
Kirby          Kirbyhat          Kirbycrown
Don’t worry little guy…I won’t tell Mario or Peach. 😉


So, long ago (in the days of college), my girlfriend (now wife) said she had a surprised for me and made me close my eyes. When I opened them, I found a stitched together companion cube. I was stunned. How had she gotten it past GLaDOS? 😉
While not the same pattern, you can find a great one here.
companion cube
Remember to keep your new friend far away from the incinerator.


pacman and ghosts
Waka Waka Waka Waka….
(Thanks a bunch Apple Smapple on Ravelry!)

Legend of Zelda

For those colder nights in Hyrule comes this last pattern from Lara from Level Up Nerd Apparel.
Link hat

Because it’s dangerous to go alone.

There’s so many great and creative projects out there for gamer geeks. Whether you are making a gift or adding to you swag, go forth with hook(s) held high!