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BACKSTORY (fictional corporation)
Union Space Aeronautics Incorporated (USAI) – USAI was established in the late 2020’s and provided many materials and resources for space faring programs across the globe. Considered one of the luckiest corporations of its time, the USAI made history when it purchased the Kennedy Space Center and most of its adjoining facilities from the flailing United States government during the economic crisis of 2051. A mere 3 years later, the already in-progress mission to Mars had succeeded in establishing a viable colony. The new space race began, and USAI received an influx of funding from various other corporate interests, as well as grants from federally run research organizations like the NSF. Responsible for the first Mars colony, USAI set its sights on expanding its hold on the red planet as well as to other areas in near-reachable space.

Adjacent: Only orthogonol spaces are adjacent. Diagonal spaces are never adjacent.

Disabled: A disabled Enemy Mech is removed from play. At the end of a room, disabled mechs offer more salvage opportunities than destroyed ones.

Prone: A prone Enemy Mech is turned upside down to show its status. Prone mechs may not move and they roll the black prone die when attacking. If a player attacks a prone mech, they choose where they hit instead of rolling a die. If a player deals enough damage to destroy a prone mech’s core, they may choose to disable it instead. At the end of a mission, all prone mechs become disabled before salvage is collected.

Punch: Mechs will rarely be helpless. If an enemy mech is instructed to attack but has no weapon, it punches. A player mech may punch if it has an available hand. A punch is Range 1, deals 1 damage and is considered to be Light, Ballistic.

Effects of Damage – When a part takes damage equal to or greater than its integrity.
Player Mechs:
Weapon or Auxiliary: The part is destroyed and the slot is left open. If the weapon was held in a hand, the hand is now empty. If the weapon was mounted, its slot can be filled with an appropriate salvaged weapon. Jump jet slots can only be replaced with jump jets unless otherwise specified (refer to player sheet).
Legs: The legs are damaged. The mech may not move and may not take the Dodge pilot action. When enemies attack it, they roll two attack dice of the correct type and select the highest one. If the room is cleared, the legs may be repaired as normal.
Core: If the Mech’s core is destroyed, the player mech explodes, dealing 1 damage to all adjacent Mechs.

Enemy Mechs:
Weapon or Auxiliary: Part is destroyed and will not be available for salvage.
Legs: Mech falls prone. Turn upside down to show this.
Core: If an enemy mech’s core is destroyed, the mech explodes, dealing 1 damage to all adjacent mechs. Remove mech from board and place into destroyed pile.

Salvage: At the end of any completed mission
– Destroyed enemy: 1 scrap each.
– Disabled enemy: 1 scrap each. Each intact weapon or auxiliary system may be installed on a player mech or traded for 1 additional scrap each.

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