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You’ve bought a new game and are just sitting down with your friends to try it out. You peel back the plastic and slide off the top, finding a box full of awesome components. While one friend pops out the punchboard and another sorts the cards, you pick up the rulebook, eager to give it a read. You flip it open and….

What happens next? Is the book well written? Are there clear instructions so players can spend their time enjoying the game rather than flipping through pages? Is setup simple and concise so they can get to the action quicker? Is the flavor text engaging?

There are many parts to a game. You want a compelling theme, an effective rulebook, clear text on your components…the list goes on. Have you ever run into questions while simply setting up a game? Have you ever spent more than 5 minutes looking up a specific rule hidden deep within a disorganized rulebook? Have you ever gone online to look up a question, only to be lost in waves of FAQ posts on various forums? Does it make you want to play that game again?

We can help your own design avoid these pitfalls.

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Already have a Rulebook? Components?

A Copyeditor can help! We not only proofread all your material, but check for consistency as well. Games can have a lot of parts and often times the rules and pieces are created at different points in the development process. We check to make sure the same terminology is present throughout and that everything is worded in the clearest possible manner. We check to make sure your diagrams are consistent with the rules. If it’s in there…we check it.


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Game built, but need a Rulebook? Theme? Backstory?

A Writer can help! We love games and have played hundreds of them. We can help you flush out the world in your head! Need a compelling history for your space adventure? Roger that. Want backstory for your epic heroes? Huzzah! Or maybe you just need someone to take on the daunting task of compiling all the rules and mechanics into print? Well, we can do that too. 🙂


We are all avid gamers, as well as designers ourselves. We’ve been at this for a while, and we keep up with the trends. We know a thing or two about the expectations of the tabletop community and would love to help your game shine!

And we’re not just Games people! Our owner has over a decade of professional technical writing experience in scientific/engineering fields! Got a non-gaming related project? Feel free to drop a line!

If you are interested in discussing a project, rates, or just have a general question, don’t hesitate to email us at:!

Game On!