New Hannibal Rulebook (WIP)

hannibal and hamilcar

Phalanx contacted us a while ago regarding writing new rulebooks for the 20th anniversary edition of their classic game Hannibal and Hamilcar.

The overall goal of the project is to create separate rules for both Hannibal and Hamilcar (separating the latter from the currently included Scenarioguide). The idea is to make the rules less like a wargame and closer to a euro flow.

Phalanx and I want to get the opinions of the board game community especially the long time fans! Below you can find a link to the post on Boardgame Geek where you can find more information and the link to the current draft.

If you have any ideas or comments, feel free to use the comment features in the document. You can also leave them here, use our contact form, or contact us through facebook or

Thank you in advance!

BGG post with active link: New Hannibal Rules [WIP] Need Input

Facebook Page: Grey Dolphin Games
Phalanx Games: Hannibal & Hamilcar
Facebook Page: Phalanx Games
Facebook Page: Hannibal & Hamilcar

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