Meet the Dolphins!

I’ve been asked many times why I chose ‘Grey Dolphin Games’ as the name for my company.

“It’s simple,” I usually answer, “Because we make games!”

Okay, bad jokes aside, the inspiration actually came from two very specific individuals, one of whom has been a fixture in my life for many years while the other has appeared only recently.

Meet the two mascots in our ‘pod:’



Neon began his journey with me around 25 years ago at Sea World and survived the great stuffed animal purge of ’03. He likes science fiction films, the ocean and, or course, board games! Always filled with great ideas, he brings his years of knowledge and sidekick-ery to the pod.

Favorite Games:
Mermaid Rain
Android: Netrunner
Frog Juice




A newcomer on the block, Philippa leapt into our hearts when she was given to my daughter as a gift. Quick witted and with a good sense of humor, she often gives good insight to the game design process. She likes running races, guarding dollhouses and playing board games. She always makes for an enthusiastic playtesting partner (when she can get away from the dollhouse, of course).

Favorite Games:
Isle of Monsters
Small World
Snail Pace Race

Now that you’ve been introduced, don’t be surprised if you see these two mugs at any of the conventions that we attend! Want a picture? Don’t feel shy…go ahead and ask!

You can follow their adventures through future updates, or by checking out #greydolphingames on instagram.

Members of the Pod playing our game Yaoguai after a hard day’s work.

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