Hannibal & Hamilcar Final Review (Calling on the Community!)

hannibal and hamilcar

So, a number of months ago I was approached by Phalanx Games to rewrite the rules to Hannibal & Hamilcar.

I’m please to announce the task is about 99% complete…and we want to find out what people think!

Follow the link below to my post on Board Game Geek. There you will find links to the new books. You’ll notice that Hamilcar has been removed from the Scenariobook and now has its own rules entirely. Also, the Playbook has been refined and the Tutorials have been expanded upon with hints and possible solutions.

The goal of the project was to reformat the rules so that they flowed better. The hope is to make it easier to reference the rules, and also to attract people from outside the wargaming community.

If you have comments, you can leave them in the Google docs, post them to the BGG thread, PM me, email me, or contact me using my web Contact form. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all in advance!

Link: Hannibal + Hamilcar NEW Rules – Asking for opinions


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