Paradise Lost KS Launch!

Paradise Lost

After many iterations and much playtesting, Paradise Lost has finally hit Kickstarter as of today!

I had the great opportunity to work with Tom Butler of Green Feet Games and the rest of the team on Paradise Lost, and I gotta’ say: this is a neat little game.

In Paradise Lost, heroes from humanity’s fables have been snatched by the Ice Queen and placed into a new realm. She has also summoned one villain from one of their stories in a bid to destroy the story realms. Players take the roles of these various heroes and attempt to identify which villain has been summoned, what weapon is required to defeat them, and then race to the Ice Queen’s palace to be the first to strike them down.

Paradise Lost heroes

The game contains many deduction mechanics similar to games like Clue and Tobago, but with twists on how information is generated.

Players travel across the map, stopping at various locations to gather resources, magical scrolls and information. At the end of each realm, an Oracle is encountered, and players will be able to garner information from each other by asking questions (assuming they can pay the price).

Paradise Lost figures

I’ve had great joy being a part of the rules and playtesting process. You can find out more information at the following links:

Kickstarter Link: Paradise Lost

BGG Link: Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost vililains.jpg

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